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We encourage you to share creative, innovative or successful safeguarding practices with us.

  • Download the Excel template
  • Prepare the text. See Authors guidelines
  • Send the Excel template as attachment to the relevant administrator (see below). Attach pictures as well or send them separately.

Finland: leena.marsio[at]
Norway, Denmark, Greenland, Iceland: hilde.ekeberg[at]

What is “Good practices”?

Good practices are actions and activities in the shape of projects, programmes, measures, etc. which:

… demonstrate innovative, creative or effective approaches to safeguard intangible cultural heritage
… involves the participation of relevant stakeholders such as communities or practitioners
… is a way forward to identify/document/research; preserve/protect; promote/enhance; transmit;  revitalize intangible cultural heritage.
… reflects the spirit of the UNESCO 2003 Convention (

Bottom line for publishing
Whether you are sharing Good Practice off- or online, it needs to be approved before publishing. In the approval process, a few back- and forward mails will probably be needed in order to have the text consistent and proofread.

The administrator reserves the right to  request adjustments to submissions, or, if necessary, remove inadequate or inappropriate submissions.

When published, you still have the option to edit the text and picturesEnglish is the default language.

If you want to comment on someone else’s text, contact the author or the relevant administrator.

The site is designed for non-governmental organizations (NGOs), grassroot movers, actors organisations and institutions in all areas of living Heritage.

Who cannot add Good Practices?

  • Commercial organisations
  • Political organisations

Contact details administrators

National Board of Antiquities, Helsinki Finland
Coordinator of Intangible Heritage, ms Leena Marsio.
Mail: leena.marsio[at]

The Storytelling Network of Kronoberg/Berättarnätet Kronoberg, Ljungby, Sweden. (accredited NGO 2016)
Director ms. Meg Nömgård.
Mail: meg.nomgard[at]

Norwegian Crafts Institute, Norsk håndverksinstitutt, Lillehammer, Norway (accredited NGO 2010)
Advisor mr. Dag Feldborg.
Mail: dag.feldborg[at]

FolkArt Ltd/ÞjóðList, Húsavík, Iceland
Managing director ms. Gudrun Ingimundardottir.
Mail: info[at]

The Icelandic Lighthouse Association/ Vitafélagið, Reykjavik, Iceland
Managing director ms. Sigurbjörg Árnadóttir.
Mail: sibba.arna[at]