The Nordic and Baltic network on Intangible Cultural Heritage

The network was established 13.7.2019 at Kaustinen Intangible Cultural Heritage Seminar 2019 : «The provisional aim of the network is to share good practices on community involvement in a wider scope. The informal network envisages regular meetings open for all stakeholders and domains working in the spirit of the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

The network met in Hanaholmen in October 2019 at the Living Heritage in the Nordic countries-seminar , where a committee was formed:
Matti Hakamäki (chairperson), Meg Nömgård, Mara Rozentale, Dafvid Hermansson, Mare Mätas, Marit Stranden, and Einar Stamnes (responsible for the webpage

It was agreed upon the following tasks for the committee:

  1. Prepare the frames and a program for the seminar after an open invitation for ideas and adjusted to the support granted.
  2. Prepare a text for the organizing of the network, e.g. as a code of conduct and a suggestion for exchange of committee members and hosts of the seminar.

Due to the pandemic, the first seminar planned in Sweden at the Storytelling festival June 2020 was postponed to 2021. The network is exploring webinars as alternative meeting platforms.

This webpage is kindly provided by the Norwegian Crafts Institute and will contain static information of the network, the committee members and where to follow the activity of join the discussions.
• For information on activities in the network, please see the minutes of the network meetings.
• For discussions on ICH, please join the e-mail discussion group and the Facebook group .
Please spread the information about the network to other interested persons.